Waterline Pinhole Leaks

Waterline pinhole leaks are quite common with old galvanized and copper waterlines.

When one pinhole leak pops up, usually, many more are sure to follow. There are a variety of reason why these leaks happen, so let’s take a look at a couple of the more popular ones.

Galvanized Water Pipe Pinhole Leaks

We are concerned with waterlines that pinhole over time.  One of these pipe types is galvanized steel pipe.  This pipe is used in water supply lines all over North Idaho.  These galvanized pipes can last for quite a considerable time, but with age, their useful life diminishes.

Galvanized pipe covered in pinholes cause constant leaking and increases in your water bill.
Imagine the water loss incurred by leaks in your galvanized waterlines caused by pinhole leaks

The reason for pinholes developing in galvanized steel pipe is because the pipe is rusting from the inside out. This rusting action happens continuously until the pipe develops pinhole leaks along its length. These pinhole leaks also happen in copper pipe, but in a different way as discussed next.

Copper Water Pipe Pinhole Leaks

Pinholes leaks develop in copper water pipe, but in a different way than in galvanized steel water pipe.  In copper water pipe, these pinhole leaks develop because of internal sanding from particles in the homeowners incoming water supply.

These water particles constantly sand the inside walls of these copper water pipes until the walls of the copper pipe become so thin, they can no longer contain the incoming water supply pressure.

Problem Solving Pinhole Leaks in Waterlines

There are solutions that can help the homeowner solve these pinhole leak issues.  In both cases mentioned previously, the solutions are the same. The homeowner can provide a ‘band aid’ fix for a single leak that has not yet progressed to numerous leaks. This fix can be used on both copper and galvanized water pipe types.  The only difference will be the actual patch that is made for each type of pipe.

Long Term Pinhole Leak Fix

Once pinhole leaks start to develop, the only real solution is to fix the entire section of effected waterline.  It simply is uneconomical to keep applying patch fixes to solve these pinhole issues.

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